Hey there! We are nomel.

We make products with one core value and goal in mind: to provide skincare that cares. We listen to you and create products based on your needs, so here you’ll not only find a powerful range of items centered around your daily beauty routine, but also a young, lively community that is passionate about skincare, living healthy and taking care of the environment...just like us!✌️


Our company was founded in 2019 when we began noticing an abundance of excellent herbal ingredients here in Asia that weren’t being used to their full potential. We wanted to share this discovery with everyone, so we put our thinking hats on and began carefully crafting original formulas using the highest quality of natural ingredients available to us. 


We are a brand that totally respects technology and that’s why we invest a lot of time in research and development. We ourselves are tired of all the marketing ploys so commonly seen in the skincare industry, we just want to see results instead. We are passionate about being better, doing better - whether that starts from helping the environment as a whole, or trickles all the way down to taking care of ourselves as individuals, we hope to see our community be unique, together.