Facial Massage


Warm the oil in your palms. Starting from the eyebrow arch, use fingertips to push skin in upward motion, gradually moving towards the middle of forehead in small strokes. Work into one long stroke along the hairline.


Place fingers below the arch of your eyebrows, sweep to outer corner of eyes, then place finger at the inner corner of eye, sweeping along bottom of eye to the side hairline.

Corner of Mouth:

Warm the oil in your palms. Focus on areas where the skin tends to drop. Make tight circular motions on either side of the mouth using your fingertips. Apply upward pressure to help lift the skin.

Side of Face:

Warm the oil in your palms. Using circular strokes, massage along the jaw, moving gradually from the corner of the mouth to either side of the nose. Massage over cheekbones, always pushing skin upwards and out.

Neck and Shoulder

Warm the oil in your palms. Using your left hand, start with the left side of the upper body, stroking the shoulder and left side of the neck. Repeat on the right side. Gently work fingers in small circles, starting at the base of the skull, working down towards shoulders.

If you feel a knot or extra tension, use a small circular motion with the fingertips, massaging first clockwise, then anticlockwise.

Hand Massage

Once the oil has been warmed in your palm, gently squeeze one hand by pressing it between the palm and fingers of the other. Squeeze each finger, and use the thumb to massage the joints in a circular motion. Hold each finger at base, gently pulling outwards, extending it to help stretch.

Use the thumb to stroke tendons on the back of hands. Following this, use the thumb to apply downward pressure to palms and wrists, moving in a circular motion.